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Rosebud River Bridge

The Rosebud River Bridge is located west of Rosebud and north of Strathmore along Hwy 21.

The existing bridge was a three span bridge complete with concrete structure. The bridge spanned the Rosebud River which is classified as a navigable water course requiring Everest Construction to follow the Canadian Watercourse Act along with all requirements contained in the Act.

Given the size of the existing bridge, and the volume of traffic that uses HWY 21, the project design was required to keep the highway in operation while the works were completed leading the construction phasing to occur one half of the bridge deck at a time.

Auburn Bay k-6

The project involved the construction of a new single story 45,000 sq.ft. school on an existing park in Calgary.

Scope of work included:
- Site grading, excavation, and installation of new site services.
- Pile and grade beam foundations with slab on grade over collective radon system.
- Steel framed building and roof decking and interior masonry walls.
- The exterior finish was a mixture of stone and brick with metal panel accents.
- 2 Ply SBS roof draining to exterior scuppers and into an interior collection system direct to the storm service.
- New parking area, upgrades to roadway to accommodate school buses, playground area and new landscaping.
- Drywall, millwork, and resilient flooring interior finishes.

Bankview Building & Parkade Rehabilitation

Everest Construction was contracted by the Calgary Housing Company to complete building and parkade rehabilitation in Bank view.

The project involves:
- Locate and expose all Post tensioning tendons and install new eruption plates.
- New interior insulated strapping assembly in parkade.
- Complete structural repairs to the parakde suspends PT slab and columns with injected epoxy.
- Crack monitoring devices supplied and installed by Everest.
- Removal of overburden on structural PT slab.
- Concrete removals to be performed in a manner so as not to overload or structurally compromise any portion of the building.
- Install new waterproofing assembly and draining system on existing parkade roof slab.
- New exterior wall stucco cladding.
- New exterior flatwork and painting

Calgary Remand Center - Divide Living Units

The Calgary Remand Center has encountered a sharp increase in violence between inmate groups within their living units which hold approximately 120 inmates each. Alberta Infrastructure developed this project to split these large 120 person units to further segregate the inmates for increased staff safety precautions.

The scope of work involved a sequenced renovation to each of the 9 living units which included the construction of new walls, relocation of the existing secure guard rooms and the duplication of services (interview, exercise, and recreation rooms) to each side. State of the art upgrades also occurred to the existing video surveillance systems & detention HMI computers.

Calgary Soccer Center Dasher Board Replacement

Everest Construction was contracted by the City of Calgary Recreation Facilities group to remove and replace the soccer/lacrosse dasher boards to the South Soccer Center on 48th street southeast. The work was scheduled to be completed after the Lacrosse season ended in July and needed to be open for the start of indoor soccer programming in September.

Calgary Young Offenders Center - Security Upgrades

The scope of work involved extensive upgrades to the existing security systems including video surveillance, detention HMI computers, door control, staff intercom, public address, existing 24-Hour central command post, detention door hardware locks, new fire suppression system and replacement of the building UPS.

Canmore Waste Water Treatment Upgrades

The project included complete renovation of the sanitary lift station # 4 in Canmore and upgrades to the main lift station all work was performed for EPCOR.

Work consisted of sanitary bypass pumping, Dewatering up to 8500GPM, and full environmental protection, removal of all interior and exterior piping, pumps and controls.

Dickson Dam

The Dickson Dam Upgrades project involved removal, refurbishing, re-installation, and commissioning of the two existing control gates and single bulkhead gate, lifting sheaves, bulkhead follower beam, and control gate hoists.

The majority of this work was completed in confined space with full time confined space watch and strict safety procedures to ensure the safety of the workers was paramount during construction. This project was successfully completed on time with zero safety incidents recorded.

Ghost Reservoir Boat Launch Dock

As part of flood mitigation for the city of Calgary, reservoir water levels are required to be at their lower limit to provide a buffer against flood waters.

This rendered the exiting boat launch useless for the spring and early summer as the low limit of the reservoir was significantly lower than the end of the boat launch.

High River Lift Station and Underground Upgrades

The project involved decommissioning of three lift stations and the construction of a new regional lift station and new underground lines. An existing lift station (Northwest LS) was decommissioned and replaced with a larger capacity lift station that significantly increased the capacity in the southeast sector of the town.

The new lift station wet well was set at a depth of 11 meters below the surrounding grade. This work required the use of temporary shoring as the size of the excavation would have undermined local roads and some residential properties.

High River Water Treatment Upgrades

At the existing Water Treatment facility in the town of High River, Everest Construction constructed a 1500 m3 buried backwash storage tank, pump station and pump vault.

Environmental protection of the Highwood River, dewatering, excavation and removal of a sand bar in the Highwood River were large components undertaken in the successful delivery of this project.

Kananaskis Grey Jay Campground

Located just East of Exshaw, this project included the installation of a new group camp building, and associated washrooms. Infrastructure was also installed to create 20 new campground lots with associated gravel roads.

This project was constructed in Kananaskis in the Bow Valley. Everest Construction developed a robust safety and environmental management plan to ensure that our footprint of project construction was minimized.

Lake Louise 2019 Infrastructure Upgrades

The project involved working on multiple sites including a pipe crossing under the TransCanada Highway and running new sewer and water lines under Village Road in Lake Louise. This project required a comprehensive TAS plan to handle the vehicles entering the village at the focal point of Lake Louise Drive and Village Road.

A significant portion of this project involved coordinating with Fortis and CP Rail as we also installed a section of pipe under the main CP rail line running through the village.

North West Travellers Building Foundation Repairs

The North-West Travelers Building is a four-story brick building built in the pre-world War one period located at 1st street and 5th avenue downtown Calgary.

It possesses heritage value for its significant architectural features including reinforced cast in place concrete rare for its timeframe, and an exterior façade including red brick, sandstone, and douglas fir storefronts.

Riley Park Pool Renovation

This project displayed Everest's ability to construct technical projects and work in partnership with the City’s representatives to meet important milestones.

The construction and sequencing required intermittent scheduling due to extensive lead times on material outside of Everests control. Adapting to these unforeseen delays and still meeting schedule was displayed throughout the duration of this successful project.

Siksika Nation Waste Transfer Station

Everest Construction completed the construction of a new waste transfer station on the Siksika Nation that included a 1800 sq.m. pre-engineered building that was used to store and sort landfill materials to be recycled or buried.

The insulated building was complete with slab mounted furnaces and makeup air units and included a separate heated office space and had a series of large overhead doors on each of the long axis sides to allow for the delivery and processing of the landfill waste.

Sommerset Spray Park

The Somerset Spray Park projects is a new water spray park for the City of Calgary.  Work consisted of demolition of existing spray structures including concrete, underground piping and water storage tanks.

Everest Construction supplied and installed a new water park and washroom facility complete with underground piping, underground tanks, new water and sewer services, new electrical services, new concrete slabs with colored concrete and benches, new custom mechanical system and spray park systems.

Transcanada Highway 1 Bridge Replacement Over

This project consisted of a full bridge replacement of the structure on eastbound TransCanada Highway 1 over the Western Irrigation Canal just east of Strathmore.

The project includes development of a complete detour utilizing westbound highway lanes while the existing bridge is demolished and replaced with a new structure.

Turner Valley Raw Intake

This project involved installing a new raw water source from the Sheep River that was pumped up to a newly constructed lined stilling basin at the top of the embankment 50m above the river for the Town of Turner Valley. Construction of in water work was completed with utmost care and attention to minimizing our environmental footprint and not adversely affecting instream vegetation and surrounding.

A comprehensive environmental plan was followed complete with monitoring and reporting requirements. A new pumping lift station along with water and stormwater services were installed to support the pumphouse and stilling pond.

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